About Us

Diera do sveta is a cultural center and a specialized bookstore in Liptovský Mikuláš. It was founded  and opened by Jana Mikuš Hanzelová, Ján Hanzel and Helena Hajková in 2014. The aim of the space is to create a platform for an independent, alternative and minority culture, enabling public meetings, collective and informal education and social cultivation.

The organisation and dramaturgical focus of Diera do sveta is based on few principles: feminism, gender equality, ecology, anarchism and socio-cultural involvement. We want to platform various artistic and cultural forms that critically react to pressing contemporary issues and also have an emancipatory potential. We believe in need for climate justice, universal solidarity, egality and the power of collective organisation and action.

We strive to be exclusively good, without excluding anyone.


Part of the cultural center is also a specialized bookstore with a selection of noncomercial titles from independent publishers and books with high esthetic qualities.


  • Jana M.  Hanzelová
    • dramaturgy
  • Ján Mikuš
    • technical coordination, PR, legal representation
  • Natália Kundisová
    • production
  • Alica Paličková Antašová
    • project manager and producent of the Orange Foundation Active Community project
  • Barbora Bohušová
    • graphic design, promo and social networks
  • Šimon Chovan
    • graphic design
  • Stanislav Štofčík
    •  sound
  • Matej, Tania, Melánia, Elo, Laura and Polka will serve you at the Bar


  • Overall size of the space: 70m2
  • Dimensions of the stage: 5m × 3m
  • Size of the projection screen: 4m × 2m
  • Projector: Optoma HD141X 1080p


We will be open only during events till 15.03.2023.

Program kultúrneho centra Diera do sveta je podporovaný z verejných zdrojov Slovenskej republiky Fondom na podporu umenia, ktorý je hlavným partnerom projektu, programom Aktívna komunita Nadácie Orange, a doplnkovou podnikateľskou činnosťou - kaviareň a špecializované kníhkupectvo - o.z. Diera do sveta.